Saturday, August 1, 2009

Optimax Mortgage

I found a website for Optimax Mortgage Co. As I was going through the website I came across an employee page. It is my understanding that anyone in the state of Illinois that is originating residential loans, or even speaking to potential clients about mortgage rates is to be licensed. I just found it a little odd that there would be people listed as employees that are not licensed with the state of Illinois. There is a Gary Kurzynski, Rick Rohn, Joe Lawson, Joe B. Lawson, Christine Foster, Bobbie Rodriguez, Ana Montes, and Ana Vella Contreras all listed as employees.

Now don't get me wrong. Even though they are listed as employees, under the loan application page, they could all be on the payroll as receptionist or janitors.


  1. Unhappy past employees will go to extreme measures to bash a company. Many of those names are employees who do not originate loans and do not need a license. Before bashing the company get your facts correct!

  2. Good to be following you Jay.

    Wes McKibbon
    The Home Buyer's Korner