Saturday, August 1, 2009

Jay Dunsing

Public information pertaining to Jay Dunsing. Below is a link which you can read about Jay Dunsing of Heartland Home Finance Inc. having his license revoked and fined $18,400.00.

Jay Dunsing.

If you would like to read the order in its entirity, you may click below to find more information on Jay Dunsing.

Heartland Home Finance.


  1. I worked at Heartland for a short period of time. Jay Dunsing and Don Flynn are crooks. I attended a sales meeting where they instructed new trainees to rip people off just within the bounds of the law. If the law allows charging 8 points, charge 8 points on purchases but don't tell them until you're sitting at the closing table. Then the borrowers can't do anything about it otherwise they risk losing the house.

  2. We all know the law prohibits that from happening. A lender will not let a broker disclose higher fees than what the borrower has signed and agreed to. The borrower has to sign and agree to the fees, so you cant just increase it.

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  4. Don Flynn is the most corrupt of them all. Zero personal or professional integrity. Can't believe he is legally allowed to practice in the business. You can find him at All American Home Lending out of Canton Ohio. So if you want to get screwed, he will be happy to do it to you. Don't they usually put people like that in prison, or do you just move to a new company?

  5. Jay and Don are crooks. I see Jay's house was foreclosed on. KARMA!!!